S-TRACK New Teaching Sound Reinforcement System Shines The 75th Nanchang Education Equipment Exhibition——S-Track
S-TRACK New Teaching Sound Reinforcement System Shines The 75th Nanchang Education Equipment Exhibition

On November 17, the 75th China Education Equipment Exhibition with the theme of "exhibition, exchange, cooperation and development" opened in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center! The exhibition attracted more than 1170 enterprises from China, the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and other countries to participate in the exhibition, with nearly 160000 visitors.


As one of the top ten innovative brands,S-TRACK, together with its intelligent teaching audio overall solution, made an amazing appearance at this exhibition, further promoting the development of education with the spirit of innovation, focus and professionalism!


——Amazing scene——

Zero scream teaching sound reinforcement system experience the new interest of Intelligent Teaching


For teaching sound reinforcement, S-TRACK will give you more consideration. In the face of teaching sound reinforcement in complex environment, problems such as screaming and echo cannot be solved by conventional equipment. Sound field lion digital classroom sound reinforcement processor, built-in processor "feedback suppression" and other algorithm technologies, can maximize the suppression of sound feedback in the sound field on the premise of ensuring the volume and clarity, completely solve the teaching sound reinforcement problems such as scream and echo, and escort the teaching with technology!

——Exhibition impression——

It's not necessary to paint too much. S-TRACK uses products to talk, and one by one, the whole solution of intelligent teaching audio: campus meeting room solution, school auditorium solution, teaching normal recording and broadcasting system, teaching boutique recording and broadcasting system and other highlights attract people who come to the exhibition from wave to wave and leave a deep impression on them.




“The theme of campus lawn concert launched byS-TRACK has attracted many exhibitors to watch and stop to sing.


Use science and technology to help the development of education and promote the development of education informatization! In the future, S-TRACK will continue to take innovation as the driving force, provide overall audio solutions for the education industry, and create a more intelligent, simple and practical intelligent teaching new platform!