S-TRACK And Dante Explore The Future Of Audio

On December 4, 2019, the Dante transmission technology seminar on "exploring the development and future of network audio" held by audinate company was held in Shangri La Hotel, Shenzhen. Many elites from the audio-visual industry gathered together to witness the application of Dante transmission, and discussed the development trend of Dante transmission and future technology.


As the leader of audio and video network digital technology, the Dante network digital audio and video technology developed by audinate has been selected by more than 450 brands in the industry, embedded in various audio and video equipment, combined with its developed software and unified operation control platform, Dante's solutions have penetrated into various professional audio and video projects, leading the professional market.


Shenzhen S-TRACK Science & Technology Co., Ltd technical engineer

As one of the invited guests, Shenzhen S-TRACK Science & Technology Co., Ltd presented the seminar with Dante network audio conference solution, as well as the latest network audio processor, Dante voice column, Dante microphone and other products.


At the seminar, Li Shilong, a technical engineer of S-TRACK, shared the keynote speech of "based on Dante network audio solution". He explained in depth from the comparison of traditional audio system and network audio system, to the advantages of Dante system, the application of system architecture and the introduction of sound field network audio products.


Participants visit the sonic post


S-TRACK Dante Speaker

The audio solution of S-TRACK Dante network has the advantages of economy, multi-function, safety and stability, easy to install, use, maintenance, and extension Exhibition. The system can be widely used in large-scale multi system interconnection projects such as administrative center, enterprise headquarters, transportation hub, theme park, stadium, hotel, supermarket, learning, etc.