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A national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of audio products.The products have obtained a number of patents and software copyrights, providing users with professional products and overall solutions in conference, education, justice, business, transportation, finance and other fields; Committed to audio and video digitization, networking, intelligent, actively build an audio and video intelligent ecological circle.

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  • Core value

    Pragmatic、Diligent And Enterprising、Innovation、Efficient And Win-win

  • Vision

    To Be The Pioneer In Audio And Video Industry

  • Idea

    Active, Fast, Professional, Thoughtful

  • Slogan

    Helping Customers Grow And Achieving Colleagues' dreams.


1.S-TRACK,We also call it “Sheng Fei Te” in Chinese, It means “sound is very special”.

2.Buffett is the tycoon of the investment industry, and "S-TRACK" is determined to be the tycoon of the audio industry.

3.Logo is composed of three initial letters S, F and T in Chinese.

4.Logo pattern is a deformed word of "craftsman", implying that "S-TRACK" pursues excellent craftsman spirit to create ingenious products, which is the ultimate pursuit of "S-TRACK" for products.

5.The English "S-TRACK" and "S" are the initials of "sound" and "service", indicating that "S-TRACK" is a company of "audio technology research and development and service". "Track" means "trace" in English, which means "sound field" leaves a solid mark in the audio field by virtue of "audio technology and service".

6.The logo color is pure blue, on the one hand, it shows that "S-TRACK" is engaged in the high-tech field. On the other hand, blue means "grand blueprint".


  • 2013

    S-TRACK was founded.

  • 2014

    TIGER digital audio processor was released;

    At the same time obtained three software Copyrights.

  • 2015

    DSP Modular solution launched

    Released the Dante series network audio processors

    Won the title of "software enterprise"

    Acquired a total of 6 software copyrights;

    Obtained 3 utility model patents;

  • 2016

    Telephone Audio Processor TIGER T Series was released;

    Release of lion series DSP Amplifier, Also we are the first processor with built-in power amplifier in China;

    Release of A series audio processor of plug and play type(ABOX);

    Obtained the certificate of national high tech enterprise;

    The company expanded the scale of production and moved to shiyan, baoan district in China.

  • 2017

    Dante audio interface DBOX、DACO Series release;

    Wall interface machine DPANEL release;

    SSM2110 Intelligence mobile speaker release;

    Touch control panel P5 release;

    Obtained a total of 18 patents and Software copyrights

    Become a member unit of Guangdong Performing Arts Industry Association;

    Passed 3C, ISO quality system and environmental system,CE,ROHS certificates;

    Obtained Shenzhen Senior Professional Talent Certificate;

  • 2018

    Dante Network audio server DCORE Series release;

    Release a full range of VoIP network audio solutions;

    Intelligence array microphone am series release;

    Launch Intelligence teaching sound reinforcement system;

    Launch AoIP network audio solution;

    Established offices in East China, South China and North China Launch of a new array microphone;

    "Shenfit" and "SOTRACK" trademarks were successfully registered;

    Rich technical achievements, with a total of 33 patents and software copyrights;

    Won the "Top Ten Innovative Enterprise Brands";

    Awarded "Top Ten Brands of Conference System";

    Office space expanded to 2000㎡;

    Participated in overseas exhibitions (INFOCOMM India Exhibition, INFOCOMM Thailand Exhibition, Hong Kong Exhibition);

  • 2019

    Launch intelligent speech recognition conference system;

    Launch wireless video conference system;

    Obtain the certification of intellectual property standards;

    36 patents and soft works have been obtained;

    Obtained the invention patent of "a multi-channel audio synchronous transmission circuit";

    Join China education equipment industry association and shenzhen education equipment industry association;

    Launched the daisy-chain discussion & conference system solution;

    Introduced the new gooseneck Dante microphone DMIC;

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  • Quality Management System Certificate

  • Environmental Management System Certificate

  • CCC Certificate

  • CE Certificate

  • RoHS Certificate