S-TRACK Won The "top ten brands of digital conference 2018"

Recently, S-TRACK won the "top ten brands of the annual digital conference" industry award in the 2018 digital audio and video engineering industry brand selection activity held by DAV Digital audio and video engineering network and DAV Digital audio and video engineering magazine.

"Top 10 brands of annual digital conference" as one of the authoritative Award activities in the industry, attracts many powerful enterprises to participate in the selection. As a national high-tech company integrating software and hardware R & D, production and sales, and dedicated to the overall solution of smart audio system, S-TRACK also participated in the selection.

After months of fierce competition and multiple rounds of voting, industry experts strictly review. S-TRACK won the "top ten brands of the annual digital conference" award.


he selection lasted for more than 60 days, and the primary list was generated after the network secret ballot of the majority of engineering companies, distributors, end customers and media practitioners. The final list was comprehensively evaluated by the authoritative experts of digital audio-visual engineering industry on the product R & D strength, market share, user satisfaction and many other indicators of the shortlisted enterprises.

S-TRACK won the "top ten brands of annual digital conference" award, which is the industry's affirmation of the company's profitability, growth, sustainable operation and other aspects, as well as the embodiment of the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

S-TRACK has been focusing on the research and development of audio technology for many years, using the full digital network audio transmission technology to create an overall solution for the intelligent audio system, providing the best audio application and audio management integration solution for different fields such as government and enterprise meetings, judicial and educational audio applications, deduction professional sound reinforcement, etc.

At the 2018 Shanghai Light & sound exhibition, S-TRACK attended with smart audio conference solution, portable remote digital audio system, and smart teaching audio overall solution. Among them, Dante aoip new generation network audio transmission system relies on the high-performance audio processing ability of tiger D series digital audio processor, and the Dante network transmission function of low delay and lossless audio signal, to achieve the lightest system architecture, the easiest maintenance and use, and the best audio quality, attracting many customers at home and abroad to visit.


Based on the needs of customers, the smart audio conference solution launched by S-TRACK has many excellent features, such as flexible and expandable, audio intelligent optimization, software simple debugging, system simple and easy maintenance, etc., providing an efficient, modern, perfect and intelligent solution for enterprise conference.


S-TRACK won the "top 10 brands of annual digital conference" award, which is the industry's affirmation of our hard work and active innovation in 2018. The pace of struggle never stops, 2019 please look forward to our perfect presentation.