Various Application Solutions Of S-TRACK Are Presented, And The Booth Is Splendid——S-Track
[Chengdu IFC Exhibition] Various Application Solutions Of S-TRACK Are Presented, And The Booth Is Splendid

From September 5 to 7, 2018, Chengdu Infocomm China 2018 was launched in Western China International Expo City. S-TRACK booth is also bustling, people come and go.

AoIP network audio solution, AM10 array microphone smart conference solution, ssm2110 smart portable speaker music experience, lion V audio integrated business application solution, abox education system application solution, CLS A variety of application solutions, such as line array sound column music experience, were presented at booth b6-03 of exhibition hall 5, integrating audio innovation technology with modern digitalization and information trend, bringing advanced intelligent audio-visual new experience to exhibitors.


Infocomm China is an annual event of professional audio-visual and integrated experience in the Asia Pacific region. For the first time, Infocomm China held an exhibition in Chengdu, attracting a large number of professionals in relevant vertical markets and segments. The influence of the exhibition can be seen.


The S-TRACK booth is even more wonderful. Let's review the wonderful moments of Chengdu Infocomm China 2018 shengfeite booth.

 Wonderful review of the exhibition site

[AoIP network audio solution]  

AoIP (audio over IP) refers to the technology of real-time transmission of high fidelity digital audio signal by IP (Internet Protocol) stream over ordinary Ethernet, which can be applied to many professional audio fields including live sound reinforcement. It not only avoids the low bit rate of VoIP (voice over IP) and the limitation of voice quality to voice level, but also has no high compression ratio algorithm of Internet audio, long buffer time, high loss of voice quality and easy frame loss. Internet audio is not suitable for professional occasions with high requirements for voice quality and time delay.


The audio solution of S-TRACK Dante aoip network has the following advantages:

1. Economy and multifunction

2. Excellent quality

3. Easy to install

4. Easy to use

5. Network health and management

6. Support undisturbed redundancy

7. Support unicast or multicast

S-TRACK AoIP network audio solution is suitable for large-scale multi system interconnection projects such as administrative center, corporate headquarters, transportation hub, theme park, stadium, hotel, supermarket, learning, etc.

[AM100 array microphone intelligent conference solution]

It can realize remote communication, recording and broadcasting, and multi room interaction. One AM100 replaces multiple microphones, saving money and effort, making it more beautiful and practical.


[lion V audio integrated commercial application scheme]

Applicable to: conference room, classroom, exhibition hall, training room, local sound reinforcement, interactive teaching, lion V series processor with built-in wireless microphone and power amplifier, simplified audio system, improved system stability, and can quickly build audio system in limited space.


[application solution of abox education system]

Abox series built-in modular DSP chip, plug and play function, without software configuration, one key operation.

Although the volume is small, it still has common functional modules and professional algorithms, which are easy to install and operate, and can easily meet the high-quality voice needs of local recording and broadcasting and remote interactive education. The latest feedback cancellation (AFC), echo cancellation (AEC) and noise cancellation (ANC) algorithms can be selected.


[CLS line array column music experience]

According to the inverse square law, for every time the distance is doubled, the sound pressure is attenuated by 6 dB, while the CLS line array column can double the distance, the sound pressure is only attenuated by 3dB, the sound transmission is more uniform, and the sound quality is more perfect.