Audio Conversion Interface DBOX66 Helps To Upgrade The Intelligent Teaching——S-Track
[New Product Release] Audio Conversion Interface DBOX66 Helps To Upgrade The Intelligent Teaching

According to the market demand, S-TRACK has developed a new audio conversion interface machine dbox66. Recently, it has passed the mass production test and has been officially released to the public.

Introduction of new DBOX66

DBOX66 network audio interface machine realizes the mutual conversion of network digital audio signal and analog audio signal. 6 × 6 is the best choice for digital upgrading and expansion of analog multimedia system.

DBOX66 product features

1、Supports two AM100 array microphone access


2、Dante transport support

It supports 4 × 4 channel Dante transmission, and can realize interconnection with input / output expanders of other DSP products and third-party devices supporting Dante, so as to transmit multi-channel uncompressed and low delay digital audio signals to multiple remote locations.


3、Support Poe power supply

The integration of Ethernet power supply and audio data transmission can simplify the cable layout and meet the Ethernet engineering specifications. Poe network wiring adopts the Ethernet cable bearing 50V DC power supply mode, without various restrictions of high-voltage AC wiring, better meet the site safety and fire protection specifications.

4、Support patent algorithm


DBOX66 Software introduction


Dbox software system brings users more intuitive operation experience and more intelligent audio processing experience. The client supports windows, IOS and Android systems, supports browser control mode, and is fully compatible with ie, chrome and Firefox.

DBOX66 System plan

The system scheme, together with switches, speakers and A100 array microphones, can realize scene recording and broadcasting in classrooms, meeting rooms and other occasions, as well as remote interaction with other rooms. At the same time, the scheme can be controlled remotely, which is convenient for debugging.5.jpg

DBOX66 Application scenario

With AM100, it is mainly suitable for classroom, meeting room, training room and other occasions.


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