Perfect Ending, A Wonderful Review Of Soundfield 2019 Guangzhou Audio Exhibition——S-Track
Perfect Ending, A Wonderful Review Of Soundfield 2019 Guangzhou Audio Exhibition

On the 27th of this month, the 17th Guangzhou international professional light and sound box exhibition, which lasted for 4 days, was successfully concluded. During the exhibition, tens of thousands of domestic and foreign light and sound people gathered to speak together. As one of the previous exhibitors of Guangzhou Exhibition, S-TRACK received every friend who came to the exhibition stand with warm service and presented a wonderful scene for the exhibition. Let's go back and forth to see the wonderful performance of Sofitel in Guangzhou Exhibition!


In this exhibition, the display mode of sonic fit can be described as unique, simple and clear booth design, which makes the view more clear. With the relevant products independently developed, combined with the digital, networked, intelligent and future development of audio technology, while describing the products, it also reflects the professional level of audio technology research and development of Sofitel, leaving a deep impression on the visitors.




SSM2110 mobile speaker integrates the common functions of iPad wireless digital tuning, Bluetooth music playing, switchable microphone instrument input mode, reverberation effect, etc. it uses the original imported high-quality unit, with exquisite and rich timbre, beautiful treble, accurate midrange and stable bass.


The portable and compact volume makes the use more flexible, and the IPAD Wireless tuning gives the musicians more free on-site voice control. The highly integrated full-function design makes the sm2110 mobile speaker suitable for various sound reinforcement needs, such as small and medium-sized performances, band rehearsals, assembly speeches, classroom auditoriums, conference training, fitness center, hotels, exhibition centers, etc.


S-TRACK developed products of Sofitel are presented during the exhibition, among which, the AI intelligent voice to text conference audio system solution can automatically form meeting minutes, bringing more efficient and fast meeting records for the conference.


The network conference audio solution makes full use of the advantages of network audio transmission, making the system installation lighter and sound transmission more stable, ensuring the clear and lossless sound quality and better conference experience for users while obtaining lower delay.



The four-day exhibition has come to a successful end. Every communication between the members of the team and the visitors is a beautiful encounter. Every voice of the customers is worth our attentive listening and thinking. We take this as the service purpose and product goal to provide better service quality and stable and easy-to-use products for every customer in the future.