Smart Voice Transcribe System Solution Launched By S-TRACK——S-Track
Smart Voice Transcribe System Solution Launched By S-TRACK

1、 System overview

In order to improve the meeting efficiency, give full play to the meeting function, avoid the waste of human resources and financial resources, reduce the meeting cost and achieve the efficiency of human resources, Sofitel technology has launched an intelligent voice transcribing system, which can automatically form meeting minutes for each meeting and prevent participants from forgetting their affairs. The voice transcribing system can transcribe the voice into words. Independent core technology, rich product design, production experience and sustainable R & D capability can provide customers with comprehensive solutions integrating R & D, production, sales and service.

2、 Smart voice transcribing system diagram


3、 System advantages

1) Smart voice transcribe:

The smart voice transcribing system of Sofitel can automatically recognize the statements of the participants into words in real time, which improves the recording efficiency from the previous maximum of 120-150 words per minute to the current 250-350 words per minute, which can shorten the recording time by one time on average, greatly reducing the work pressure of the recorder.

2) Free custom dialect voice model:

We can effectively improve the speech recognition accuracy of each meeting content through customized speech recognition models and customized keyword recognition optimization tools for different regions and different types of cases.

3) Intelligent identification:

Different roles of spokesperson can be identified in real time.


4、 Working principle of the system

The system can convert the speech information or image recognition of relevant personnel into text information, and generate text files and recording files for the convenience of relevant personnel. In terms of audio, advanced audio processing chips are used, with strong digital audio processing capability.