Several New Products Of S-TRACK Show At Infocomm India——S-Track
Several New Products Of S-TRACK Show At Infocomm India

From September 18 to 20, 2019, annual Infocomm of India was held in Mumbai International Exhibition Center, India, with sonfit and several new products appearing in F60 booth. With simple and generous booth design, beautiful songs, innovative products and other elements, sonfit has demonstrated the modern charm that is fully compatible with India.


In order to facilitate the visitors to experience the products more intuitively, the design of S-TRACK booth is still fully open. According to different application fields and properties of the products, it is displayed in dynamic and static zones, which brings the most intuitive product experience to the visitors.


In the conference hall, the audio solution of Dante aoip network of S-TRACK consists of the products such as processor, switch, interface machine, microphone, voice column, control panel, etc., and the software of S-TRACK products, forming a set of solutions for transmission with Dante protocol. This solution can be applied to large-scale multi system interconnection projects such as administrative center, corporate headquarters, transportation hub, theme park, stadium, hotel, supermarket, learning, etc.



In addition to the most classic processor products, the static exhibition area focuses on the new microphone of S-TRACK. Compared with the previous microphone, this new product has a brighter appearance and a higher level of metal material. Touch screen buttons and LCD screens add a beautiful scenery to the conference system.


t's two cool ssm2110 mobile speakers that people can stop to listen to. Ssm2110 is a mobile active speaker developed by the comprehensive entertainment and performance users of S-TRACK. It has 4-channel multi-functional audio input, supporting microphone, line and musical instrument, and 2-channel stereo line audio input; with phantom power supply, supporting various microphone access, supporting high impedance CD player and musical instrument access; with built-in high-quality DSP processor for acoustic processing, the sound can achieve professional performance effect; with the use of tuning panel, it can quickly call out the desired sound effect .


The exhibition is still going on, and the surprises are yet to be discovered. Let's have an audio tour of India with S-TRACK!