S-TRACK Audio Transmission Technology Won National Invention Patent Again

Recently, the technology of "a multi-channel audio synchronous transmission circuit" independently developed by S-TRACK has obtained the invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office (Certificate No.: ZL 2016 1 1175421.3).



The invention proposes a solution for multi-channel audio transmission. The multi-channel analog audio signal is processed by I2S encoder, analog-to-digital conversion is completed, digital audio is output in parallel, digital audio is processed by TDM encoder, serial output is 1 channel TDM digital audio, 1 channel TDM digital audio is processed by 4B / 5B encoder, NRZ-I encoder and MLT-3 encoder in turn, and finally the circuit is completed Transmission. The invention introduces 45 / 5B encoder, NRZ-I encoder and MLT-3 encoder into TDM audio transmission system by using synchronous Ethernet technology for reference, which effectively solves the problem of synchronous transmission of data and clock.

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