Strength Witness, S-TRACK Won The Double Top Ten Brand Awards In 2019!

The "top ten brands in audio and video engineering industry in 2019" selection activity sponsored by digital audio and video engineering network and digital audio and video engineering magazine, after more than 60 days of selection, the primary list is generated after the network anonymous vote of manufacturers, design institutes, distributors, engineers, end customers and media practitioners, and then the authoritative experts of digital audio and video engineering industry will produce the products of the shortlisted enterprises After comprehensive evaluation of product R & D strength, market share, user satisfaction and many other indicators, the final winning list was born.

In this selection, Sofitel won two awards of "top ten brands of audio processor in 2019" and "excellent audio and video solution service provider in 2019" with absolute advantages.



In this event, S-TRACK won the prize successfully through various levels of checkpoints, which is closely related to the spirit of "innovation leads the future", continuous innovation and focus on audio products.

As a national high-tech enterprise, S-TRACK has many years of research and practical experience in audio processing technology and multimedia communication technology. With ultra-high independent research and development ability and core technology, we can provide customers with excellent products and solutions, change the traditional audio mode, build an integrated audio and video solution with processor as the core, and provide an excellent choice for teaching, conference, command center, large venues and other projects. Therefore, we can have a place in the fierce audio industry. This success won two awards, which is worthy of the name. It is also the recognition and affirmation of the community to sonic fit.