[Excellent Notice] Sonfit Will Meet You With Ise In The Netherlands


ISE is the largest, most influential and most authoritative exhibition of audiovisual communication. For international audio-visual exhibitors, Amsterdam audio-visual equipment and system integration exhibition is an ideal platform to explore the Dutch market. It presents cutting-edge innovations in different categories of audio-visual field, and gathers the latest audio-visual equipment and system integration software.

Sincere invitation

On February 11, 2020, S-TRAC will bring the latest smart audio and video solutions, smart hand-in-hand conference system, smart voice recognition conference system, and more mysterious new products to the stage. We sincerely look forward to your visit here and look forward to your arrival.


important information

[S-TRACK booth No.: 15-G245]

[Name: Integrated Systems Europe(ISE 2020)]

[Time: February 11-14, 2020]

[Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands]

Highlights of exhibition

[highlight 1: Dante network conference system solution]


Dante network conference system solution is composed of several independent audio processing nodes. They realize information transmission through the network and form a set of adaptive audio system. The system can manage the distributed nodes in a unified way to fulfill the complex audio requirements together. At the same time, it can expand the scale and function of the system by adding nodes. It has the characteristics of infinite bandwidth, decentralized architecture, networking, modularization, high stability, high scalability, etc.

This system has the advantages of economy and multi-function, security and stability, supporting undisturbed redundancy, supporting unicast or multicast, easy to install, use, maintenance, and extension Exhibition. It can be widely used in large-scale multi-system interconnection projects such as administrative center, enterprise headquarters, transportation hub, theme park, stadium, hotel, supermarket, learning, etc.

[highlight 2: intelligent speech recognition conference system solution]


· The speech recognition technology of Sofitel adopts the advanced recognition framework and uses a large number of speech data for modeling, which greatly improves the speech recognition rate and transcribing speed of the system.

· The system adopts the international leading voice language integrated modeling method, combined with Chinese Semantic Intelligent error correction, and the recognition accuracy of Chinese Mandarin is more than 95%.

[highlight 3: more new products]


[Dante A / D conversion interface]

· Compact design, easy to use, supports hot-plug.

· Easily and freely convert between analog audio signal and DanteTM digital audio signal.

· Built-in 2 input or 2 output audio channels.

· Extends audio, control, Ethernet, and power over a single affordable network cable.

· Replaces multiple analog or multi-core cables with only a network cable, cost-effective, versatile.

· Extends uncompressed high-quality audio signal with near-zero latency.

· Transmits high quality 2-channel audio safely and reliably.

· Perfectly supports Dante software, the network and audio routing can be easily expanded andreconfigured with just a

few mouse clicks.

· PoE support, Line powering function compliant with IEEE802.3af.

· Built-in lightning & surge protection.

[Speaker Management Processor]

· High performance DSP processing chip, 24bit, 48kHz processing capacity;

· Support multiple analog signals, Dante signal input and output;

· Built-in digital audio processing algorithms: gain, delay, EQ, mixing matrix,compressor, divider and limiter;

· FIR filter with stability and linear phase;

· Connect via USB or RJ45 cable to achieve PC software control Settings;

· Save, invoke, import and export functions of multiple scenes;

· Rotate the encoder select menu switch to facilitate user operation;