S-TRACK Makes A Wonderful Debut In Ise, The Netherlands

ISE 2020 live event in the Netherlands

The European professional audiovisual integrated equipment exhibition kicked off on February 11 local time at the rai center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As the world's leading audio and video and system integration exhibition, ISE has been highly concerned by the industry.


This year ISE has set up six technology areas to help visitors more easily find the 1300 exhibitors most relevant to their interests, which are distributed in eight exhibition areas.

Six technology areas

· Audio and live events: demonstrate sound from microphones to speakers, as well as the latest technology for Industry audio-visual feast;

· Digital signal and DOOH: provide a wide range of advertising and information transmission solutions for retail, transportation, medical, enterprise, education, leisure, hotel and other industries;

· Educational Technology: a positive and increasingly multidimensional impact on education;

· Family: display the latest development of Internet family, family entertainment and energy management;

· Intelligent building: provide various solutions for air conditioning, lighting and shutter control, safety system, heating, ventilation, monitoring, alarm, etc;

· Unified Communications: its innovative new platform aims to promote collaborative work and productivity across locations and countries.

Live event of S-TRACK

In 2020, when the start is not very good, sonfit and his team overcame many difficulties and went retrograde. With the latest smart audio and video solutions, smart hand-in-hand conference system, smart voice recognition conference system and more new products, they appeared in ISE in Holland.


S-TRACK booth


S-TRACK personnel explain Dante network audio system solution to customers

Dante network conference system solution is composed of several independent audio processing nodes. They realize information transmission through the network and form a set of adaptive audio system. The system can manage the distributed nodes in a unified way to fulfill the complex audio requirements together. At the same time, it can expand the scale and function of the system by adding nodes. It has the characteristics of infinite bandwidth, decentralized architecture, networking, modularization, high stability, high scalability, etc.


Group photo of S-TRACK personnel and customers


S-TRACK personnel explain mobile speakers to customers

SSM2110 is a kind of movable active speaker developed for the comprehensive entertainment and performance needs of sonic fit. It has 4-channel multi-functional audio input, supporting microphone, line and musical instrument, and 2-channel stereo line audio input; with phantom power supply, supporting various microphone access, supporting high impedance CD player and musical instrument access; with built-in high-quality DSP processor for acoustic processing, the sound can achieve professional performance effect; with the use of tuning panel, it can quickly call out the desired sound effect .


The exhibition is very lively

As the new year's first show of Sofitel in 2020, the Netherlands ISE exhibition attracts a large number of guests to stop and communicate in the exhibition area of Sofitel with outstanding product performance and professional and efficient service, and expects to further communicate and cooperate in the future! In the future, Sofitel will continue to work on technology research and development and brand innovation to provide more creative products for the industry.