S-TRACK Appeared In AV / IT Technology Development Trend Summit Forum——S-Track
S-TRACK Appeared In AV / IT Technology Development Trend Summit Forum

In the afternoon of June 18, 2019, the 2019 (seventh) AV / IT technology development and industry application Summit Forum, sponsored by Shenzhen Federation of engineers and jointly organized by Shenzhen Federation of engineers audio and video professional committee and professional audio-visual proav China media platform, was held on the 24th floor of Shenzhen Huaqiang Plaza liquor store!


Many elites from the audio-visual industry gathered to share innovative products and solutions of professional audio-visual and information communication technology.


This forum comprehensively focuses on the new application of visual audio-visual in the fields of government and enterprise management, information release, leisure and entertainment, conference collaboration, exhibition and display, discusses the industry development, system integration and the innovative application of AV / it in all walks of life, and comprehensively promotes the new audio-visual concept and new thinking of integration, collaboration and sharing.


As one of the invited guests, Shenzhen S-TRACK Science & Technology Co., Ltd. will present the Dante aoip network audio conference solution, as well as the latest Dante network audio processor, Dante speaker, Dante microphone, Dante interface machine and other products at the summit forum.


At the summit, Cheng Wei, manager of S-TRACK products, shared the keynote speech of distributed audio system architecture and application, from what is the distributed audio system architecture, to the composition of the system architecture, the application of the system architecture and the introduction of Sofitel distributed audio system. The architecture of distributed audio system is composed of several independent audio processing nodes. They realize the information transmission through the network, and form a set of adaptive audio system. The system can manage the distributed nodes in a unified way to fulfill the complex audio requirements together. At the same time, it can expand the scale and function of the system by adding nodes. It has the characteristics of infinite bandwidth, decentralized architecture, networking, modularization, high stability, high scalability, etc.


The audio solution of S-TRACK Dante aoip network has the advantages of economy and multi-function, security and stability, support for undisturbed redundancy, support for unicast or multicast, easy to install, use, maintenance, and extension Exhibition. The system can be widely used in large-scale multi-system interconnection projects such as administrative center, corporate headquarters, transportation hub, theme park, stadium, hotel, supermarket, learning, etc.