Nanjing Xiansheng Pharmaceutical

Background of the project:

Nanjing Xiansheng Pharmaceutical was established on March 28, 1995. So far, it has developed into a production, R & D, and sales company.

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Nanjing Xiansheng Pharmaceutical was established on March 28, 1995. So far, it has developed into a production, R & D, and sales company. It has 7 modern pharmaceutical manufacturers that have passed GMP certification, 2 national drug marketing companies, and 1 Pharmaceutical Research Institute, a new pharmaceutical group with nearly 4,000 employees.

Xiansheng Pharma is China's leading R & D-driven pharmaceutical company, and has been in the forefront of the "Top 100 Pharmaceutical Industry in China" and the "Top 10 Most Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies in China" for many years. It was the first bio and chemical pharmaceutical company in China to land on the New York Stock Exchange. It owns the State Key Laboratory of Translational Medicine and Innovative Drugs and is committed to "enabling patients to use better drugs as soon as possible". With the rapid development of Xiansheng Pharmacy, the real-time communication of internal office of the enterprise has become more frequent and diversified. It is especially important to solve the conference discussion and training work involving multiple people in the enterprise. For this reason, a set of intelligent, stable and efficient conference audio system is exactly the demand of Xiansheng Pharmaceutical.




The audio system that Xiansheng Pharma needs to transform is a multi-functional hall with an area of more than 400 square meters. This multi-purpose hall can automatically realize three areas according to the daily meeting and training needs of corporate content. These three areas can carry out different corporate activities at the same time. In response to this demand, S-TRACK has created a new conference audio system for it. The system integrates audio products such as the central control host, video matrix, audio processor, speakers, microphone, and wall control panel.

The system uses the S-TRACK central control host and video matrix to link audio equipment and video equipment. At the same time, it performs noise reduction and feedback suppression algorithms on the sound through the audio processor, and plays local sound through the speaker. At the same time, the P5 control panel can be used to quickly and directly control the entire audio system, including presetting of external audio sources, volume and conference scenes. Powerful system compatibility, perfectly compatible with the video terminal equipment of Xiansheng Pharma, avoiding repeated waste of corporate resources.