Dante-POE Speaker,EAGLE Z316——S-Track
Dante-POE Speaker,EAGLE Z316

The EAGLE Z316 is a new 8-unit, point-painted full-frequency column speaker. Symmetrical magnetic circuit design, fully meet the human ear's demand for sound quality. The box is made of imported laminate, and the surface polyurethane paint has strong abrasion resistance. The tensile force of the box itself can reach 3500N, and the single point can bear the tensile force up to 3000N. Eight units can make the vertical directivity of the sound box controlled in the range of 40°, improving the diffusion distance of the sound box. At the same time, the biggest feature of the Z316 speaker is that it can also be used for combination hoisting.

EAGLE Z316.png

EAGLE Z316 sound column can be widely used in street art, family gatherings, campus parties, weddings, meeting rooms, bars, karaoke, music room and other occasions.

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