S-TRACK 8 in 8 out Digital Audio Processor PANDA 88N——S-Track
S-TRACK 8 in 8 out Digital Audio Processor PANDA 88N

PANDA 88N digital audio processor is a freely designed audio processing and control system products. The front panel is equipped with a screen that can display the current status. Advanced DSP processing technology is adopted, and new algorithms such as automatic sound mixing and feedback elimination are available to solve various practical problems in application scenarios. The built-in Dante module provides a high bandwidth, low latency, high compatibility and low cost solution for network audio transmission. Since most of the controls are operated by software, the appearance is more concise and bright. With only a click of the mouse, it perfectly realizes the function conversion completed by the complex large-scale sound mixing console in the past, greatly simplifying the difficulty of operation.

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The digital audio processor has a 1.3-inch OLED display screen, which displays the name and IP address of the device and the current working state. It adopts advanced DSP processing technology, supports Ducker dodge and SPL automatic environmental noise compensation, and can provide network audio extension through Dante protocol to solve various practical problems in application scenarios. Combined with other sound Field audio products, it can meet the requirements of more scenarios and applications.

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New software operating system, integrated with Dante control software, bring users more intuitive operating experience and more intelligent audio processing experience, the client support Windows, IOS, Android system, support browser side control mode, fully compatible with IE, CHROME, FIREFOX.

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It is suitable for meeting room, multi-function hall, command center, public prosecution court, exhibition hall and other scenes. It can do feedback elimination, noise elimination and echo elimination through audio processor to improve the quality of the meeting.

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