S-TRACK DSP Digital Power Amplifier Whale 4900——S-Track
S-TRACK DSP Digital Power Amplifier Whale 4900

The original model IMAX-4900, independent box design, embedded with Dante network transmission module, provides USB and RJ45 interfaces to connect to the computer, each output channel with 8 segments of parameter equalization, frequency division, delay, limiter, gain, polarity, powerful functions in one, suitable for a variety of application scenarios, to meet the needs.

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The 4-channel DSP digital power amplifier is composed of 3.97 inch color TFT resistor touch screen module and audio processing module. There are 4 analog audio balance signal input terminals, which are converted into 4 balanced outputs, and a series of software digital processing is done in the middle.

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The software interface is divided into two versions: PC version and touch version, which are displayed on Windows computers and their own touch screens. The two can achieve mutual synchronization through touch screen, Dante, USB three ways.

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Network DSP power amplifier is suitable for government and enterprise meeting, small and medium-sized conference room, lecture hall, small and medium-sized banquet hall, VIP reception hall, conference center, remote conference and other places.

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