10 in 4 out Mini Processor ABOX 1004N——S-Track
10 in 4 out Mini Processor ABOX 1004N

This product is a 10 in 4 out audio processing equipment. Compact and convenient design, equipped with excellent performance of digital audio processing technology, built-in echo cancellation, feedback suppression, noise algorithm.


The stable Double Talk detection method can effectively eliminate redundant echoes even in strong background noise and nonlinear distortion environment, quickly and accurately track environmental noise changes and maintain good output sound quality. It also adds a control network port, which is easy to install and operate. Combined with other audio products, it can meet the requirements of more application scenarios.

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Our PC control software is the best tool for you to monitor and operate the audio processor. It can edit and store the scene according to the acoustic characteristics of different functions. The built-in screen lock function prevents misoperations.

Audio processor comes with B/S architecture server, which can be accessed through web browser, not only realizing channel control and scene selection, but also directly providing download links of PC client and platform components.

It is installed on the APP client of tablet and mobile phone, with stable and simple design style, panoramic function menu and quick operation bar, it is very convenient to carry out various operations on the processor. All just to give you a better user experience.

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The ABOX 1004N is suitable for meeting rooms, courthouses, command centers, and teacher interactions.

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