DCORE 6464 Network Audio Server, 64*64 Dante Server——S-Track
DCORE 6464 Network Audio Server, 64*64 Dante Server

DCORE series network audio server is a freely designed audio processing and control system. It uses advanced DSP processing technology, with new automatic mixing, feedback elimination and other algorithms, targeted to solve various practical problems in application scenarios. Because most of the controls are done by software, the look is cleaner and cleaner. With just a click of the mouse, the operator does not have to adjust the complex large mixing console on site to complete the function conversion as usual, which greatly simplifies the operation difficulty.

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DCORE series network audio server is a DSP processing device developed for Dante, which only processes Dante's digital signal without analog signal processing. Connect it to Dante network to realize the network transmission and processing of audio signals. The maximum support 64×64, modular configuration, more efficient signal processing, support noise cancellation algorithm (AFC), support echo cancellation algorithm (AEC), support noise cancellation algorithm (ANC). Supports matrix mixing with up to 64 input and output channels and 16 full-function signal processing channels.

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Our PC control software is the best tool for you to monitor and operate the audio processor. It can edit and store the scene according to the acoustic characteristics of different functions. The built-in screen lock function prevents misoperations.

Audio processor comes with B/S architecture server, which can be accessed through web browser, not only realizing channel control and scene selection, but also directly providing download links of PC client and platform components.

It is installed on the APP client of tablet and mobile phone, with stable and simple design style, panoramic function menu and quick operation bar, it is very convenient to carry out various operations on the processor. All just to give you a better user experience.

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DCORE series is suitable for conference centers, hotels and gymnasiums. With Dante microphone, interface machine, amplifier and speaker, it forms a large network audio system.

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