S-TRACK 4 in 4 out Network Audio Interface Machine,DBOX 44-H——S-Track
S-TRACK 4 in 4 out Network Audio Interface Machine,DBOX 44-H

DBOX 44-H digital audio processor is a product developed for Dante network audio transmission and routing. It can realize the high quality and low delay of network audio transmission. Supports four analog channels with balanced inputs and four analog channels with balanced outputs. Supports PoE+DC 12V dual power supply. Provides the PC control software for monitoring and operating the phantom power supply, silence, and gain adjustment of the interface machine. It's like the entrance and exit to Dante's Network highway, which is the perfect choice for multimedia system upgrades and optimization.

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DBOX software system brings users more intuitive operating experience and more intelligent audio processing experience. The client supports Windows, IOS, and Android systems, supports browser control mode, and is fully compatible with IE, CHROME, and FIREFOX.

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Large conference room, multi-function hall, theater, theater, conference center, extended processor input and remote signal access, distributed processing to reduce the burden of audio processing room.

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