S-TRACK Professional 16 - Way Portable Digital Mixer——S-Track
S-TRACK Professional 16 – Way Portable Digital Mixer

Hippo D1608 digital mixing console integrates digital tuning system effectively with innovative design and powerful DSP function, and adopts the new concept of integrating modern digital and traditional operation, bringing users a very professional functional experience. Its small size, simple interface, professional mixing effect, can not only play a professional performance on the ability to play well, but also fully meet the inexperienced individual user to provide a powerful effect.

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Hippo D1608 digital mixing console has powerful processing power and advanced functions, for the software operation process design brought by the convenience and speed, can quickly tune out the mixing interface. Convenient and fast operation experience, so that everyone can enjoy the convenience and powerful function of digital mixing console.

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The Hippo D1608 digital mixing console system supports remote control of various operating platforms, making debugging more convenient and applicable to a wide range of scenarios. (Windows, Android, MAC OS, Linux)

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Hippo D1608 digital mixer is mainly used in speeches, lectures, training, demonstrations, reports, academic exchanges, conferences, discussions, karaoke entertainment activities and other scenarios.

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