S-TRACK LION 12 in 12 out Digital Power Amplifier Processor,Mixing,Feedback Noise Reduction Algorithm Processor——S-Track
S-TRACK LION 12 in 12 out Digital Power Amplifier Processor,Mixing,Feedback Noise Reduction Algorithm Processor

LION in 12 out of 12 digital power amplifier processor adopts advanced DSP processing technology, has a new automatic mixing, feedback elimination algorithm, the built-in two channel digital power amplifier module, can effect comparing more remarkably, also have good performance in overload protection and distortion control, corresponding solve various practical problems in application scenarios, with sound fitow other audio products, It can meet the requirements of many application scenarios.

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Sounfield LION 12 in 12 out digital power amplifier processor on the basis of TIGER Professional edition integrated dual channel 150W digital power amplifier module. Signal processing and power amplification are integrated in one device, which shortens signal pathways and simplifies engineering wiring. Supports RS232 control port with power supply. The latest feedback cancellation (AFC), echo cancellation (AEC), noise cancellation (ANC) algorithms can be selected.

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Our PC control software is the best tool for you to monitor and operate the audio processor. It can edit and store the scene according to the acoustic characteristics of different functions. The built-in screen lock function prevents misoperations. Audio processor comes with B/S architecture server, which can be accessed through web browser, not only realizing channel control and scene selection, but also directly providing download links of PC client and platform components. It is installed on the APP client of tablet and mobile phone, with stable and simple design style, panoramic function menu and quick operation bar, it is very convenient to carry out various operations on the processor. All just to give you a better user experience.

LION series is suitable for meeting room, exhibition hall, small activities, classroom interaction, LION series processor built-in power amplifier, can simplify the audio system, audio system construction in a limited space.


The control system provides users with more intuitive operating experience and more intelligent audio processing experience. The client supports Windows, IOS, and Android systems, supports browser control mode, and is fully compatible with IE, CHROME, and FIREFOX.

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