S-TRACK Entered China Railway Beijing Engineering Group CO.,LTD. And Made Every Effort To Guarantee The Meeting

At the beginning of 2021, S-Track helped China Railway Beijing Engineering Group CO.,LTD. to successfully build a conference system integrating network, intelligence and digitalization by relying on the conference system solution, which will make the conference system of China Railway Beijing Engineering Group CO.,LTD. like a tiger with added wing.



In this project transformation, in order to ensure smooth communication during the meeting process, improve the quality of the meeting and reduce the system wiring, S-Track strives to create a multi-space and multi-dimensional interconnection conference system covering large conference rooms, multi-function halls, video conference rooms and so on.



In the face of multiple usage scenarios, S-Track has created a conference system with digital audio processor as the core from three aspects of system management, system operation and system interconnection. The whole audio system has the following characteristics:

A. Full digital processing. Using Digital processing mode, higher precision, perfect presentation of various audio effects and restore the scene audio;

B. Super ability.High speed floating point DSP processing, built-in a variety of audio processing algorithms, can automatically solve the system howling, echo and other problems;

C. Minimalist system.The audio processing of the system needs only one audio processor, S-Track audio processor integrating the traditional analog audio processing equipment (limiter, compressors, feedback suppressor, effect, expander, equalizer, etc.), one device instead of the multiple traditional devices, both in the design stage and in the construction wiring stage, a large number of complex tasks are simplified, reducing labor and material costs;

D. Easy to expand.If it is necessary to expand the equipment in the later stage, there is no need to replace the core equipment, but only need to add network audio nodes to meet the needs of system upgrading.


The control of the whole system is simple and adjustable at any time, and the interconnection and system expansion have been further improved.


The whole conference system is efficient and stable, with full voice, uniform coverage, simple wiring and convenient operation.This project is based on the S-Track digital audio processor, which not only completes the system upgrade and transformation easily, but also connects and integrates different conference venues, breaks the communication barrier, and realizes the interconnection of cross-space and cross-region.