New Product Tour: ABOX 66N Audio Box Processor

Abox 66n is an audio processor mainly used for local education and remote interactive education. It is equipped with digital audio processing technology with excellent performance, including full band adaptive echo cancellation, automatic noise suppression, feedback suppression algorithm, and remote pickup microphone. It is easy to install, operate and easily meet the high-quality voice requirements of local recording and remote interactive education.


Front panel controls:

Indication and knobFunction description
POWERPower indicator light, always on after power on
SYSOperation indicator light, slow flashing indicates normal operation
MIC1 & MIC2Gain adjustment of MIC channel 0 ~ 30dB
PhantomMic channel 48V phantom power switch
BypassAlgorithm switch
USBSystem debugging port

Rear panel interface:

Indication and knobFunction description
MICMicrophone input interface, supporting two-way microphone access, with 20dB gain adjustment knob
AEC REFTwo (left and right channels) linear input interfaces, usually connected to the remote signal, i.e. reference signal, in interactive and remote teaching
LINE IN2 (left and right channels) linear input interfaces, usually connected to local audio sources, such as DVD, notebook, etc
SPKSignal output channel
AEC OUTTwo (left and right channels) linear output interfaces, usually used as local signal output channels to the remote end in interactive and remote teaching
LINE OUT2 (left and right channels) linear output interfaces, usually used for external power amplifier or active speaker
DC 12V12V external power interface

Product characteristics:

· Built in echo cancellation, feedback suppression, noise algorithm

The stable double talk detection method can effectively eliminate the redundant echo even in the strong background noise and nonlinear distortion environment; the noise suppression algorithm can quickly and accurately track the environmental noise changes and maintain good output sound quality.

· Two channel MIC input

Two microphone interfaces are provided to support gain adjustment and 48V phantom power supply. Increase the flexibility of users' use, and meet users' use needs to the greatest extent.

· Plug and play, portable operation

The pre-set scene, without software adjustment, plug and play, has strong universality, flexible and convenient deployment, greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of engineering wiring.


Detailed parameters:

Equivalent noise(20Hz~20kHz, 22dB Gain)<-103dBu
Dynamic range (20Hz~20kHz, 0dB)> 100dB
Maximum output level (balanced)10dBu
Output impedance100Ω
Sampling rate48KHz
A/D-D/A Converter24bit
Phantom Power+48 VDC
MIC channel
Frequency response (20Hz~20kHz @ +4dBu)+0/-0.2dB
THD +N (1kHz @ +4dBu)< 0.0035%
Maximum input level-18dBu (VOL Maximum)  8dBu (VOL Minimum)
Maximum gain30dB
Input impedance20kΩ
Line in channel
Frequency response (20Hz~20kHz @ +4dBu)+0/-0.2dB
THD +N (1kHz @ +4dBu)< 0.005%
Maximum input level8dBu
Maximum gain3dB
Input impedance20kΩ
Channel isolation-95dB
Bottom noise (A-weighted)-98dBu
Working temperature0-40℃
Working power supplyDC 12V
Power consumption<8W