What Is Dante Audio System?——S-Track
What Is Dante Audio System?

Dante audio system has the advantages of unstoppable in the design of audio system due to the transmission of digital audio through local area network, its inherent technical advantages, low delay, high fidelity, low energy consumption and other characteristics. With the gradual decline of price, the following manufacturers and product lines are more and more abundant. Including Dante pickup, Dante speaker, Dante interface machine, Dante processor and so on.

Here we will introduce the basic composition of Dante audio system. The simplest Dante audio system only needs a Dante microphone and a Dante speaker. They are connected to a minimum system through a Poe switch. Of course, the microphone and speaker need to be routed and connected through PC software.


According to the number of network ports of the switch, multiple Dante microphones or speakers can be added to the minimum system, and a microphone can be set in the management software to route output to multiple speakers. But this system can't support multiple microphone mix output to one speaker. If there is such a demand, an audio processor needs to be connected to the system for matrix mixing. Of course, with Dante audio processor such as tiger d88n or dcore 6464, the system can become more intelligent, and powerful functions such as expansion, equalization, frequency division, noise elimination and feedback elimination can be easily realized.


However, if there is no Dante cartridge or Dante speaker, how to build Dante audio system? Dante interface machine is to solve the problem of connecting common terminal equipment to Dante audio system. Imagine a remote room that requires multiple microphones and speakers. Then I only need a network cable and an interface machine to connect them to Dante audio system. It should be noted that Dante audio processor usually has the function of interface machine, but for the sake of cost, it is more economical to use interface machine.