"New Interpretation" Of Digital Audio Processor——S-Track
"New Interpretation" Of Digital Audio Processor

1. Everyone is familiar with the digital audio processor. Let's take a look at the definition of it in the industry?

Digital audio processor is a kind of digital audio signal processing equipment. It first transforms the analog signal of multi-channel input into digital signal, and then processes the digital signal with a series of tunable algorithms to meet the application requirements of improving sound quality, matrix mixing, noise elimination, echo cancellation, feedback cancellation, etc. Then the analog signal of multichannel is output by digital to analog conversion.


2. Is the digital audio processor that meets this definition truly all digital?

Xiaobian doesn't think so, because he can only receive and output analog audio signals. The real digital audio processor should be able to support the input and output of the digital audio signal, and transmit the audio data through the network, so as to avoid the problems of complex construction wiring and easy interference of the analog signal. Xiaobian has no intention of redefining the concept of digital audio processor, only upgrading the product with the development of technology.

S-TRACK keeps up with the technology and focuses on the networking of audio processor. It has launched the digital audio processor with Dante interface – Tiger D series.


Tiger D series digital audio processor not only supports traditional defined functions, but also supports up to 16 analog input and output channels and 16 Dante digital input and output channels. Dante network transmission module is built in, which can realize low delay and high fidelity audio signal transmission under the support of high bandwidth network.

3. Application of tiger D series digital audio processor?

Based on the customer-oriented guiding ideology, S-TRACK focuses on providing audio intelligent processing products and application solutions. In order to cooperate with the networking of audio equipment in the whole network, it has successively launched Dante microphone, Dante speaker and other peripheral equipment around the digital audio processor of tiger D series. For specific applications, please refer to our solutions.