Beautiful Meeting, Coming As Scheduled - "hand in hand to create the future" S-TRACK Spring 2018 Dealer Conference——S-Track
Beautiful Meeting, Coming As Scheduled – "hand in hand to create the future" S-TRACK Spring 2018 Dealer Conference

Beautiful meeting, as scheduled

——"Hand in hand to create the future" S-TRACK spring 2018 dealer Conference


As the opening work of S-TRACK technology in 2018, "hand in hand to create the future" sonfit spring 2018 dealer conference was successfully held in Shenzhen headquarters on March 31 and April 1, which opened a new prelude to the overall layout and rapid development of sonfit marketing territory.

First of all, Mr. Xiong Yue, general manager of S-TRACK, gave a welcome speech to the conference, saying that sonfit used data in the first quarter to show that the market is in a good shape this year. We will also continue to increase investment in research and development, create competitive products, and define 2018 as the first year of the brand, and strive to build our own brand. We will achieve win-win results based on the principle of treating each other with sincerity, mutual benefit and common development.


Then, Mr. He Yubin, sales director, made a thorough and in-depth analysis of the current situation of the audio and video market, clarified the future development prospects and competitive advantages of sound and video technology, and further explained the company's corporate culture and development direction.


As a new product launched by S-TRACK in 2018, the ssm2110 mobile speaker is cool and fashionable in appearance; it uses high-quality speakers with shocking sound quality and high reduction degree; it is small and portable, which can be widely used in street art, family gatherings, campus parties, weddings, bars and other occasions. This product will lead the new trend of mass entertainment, which is a milestone for our company to enter the audio terminal consumer market. We believe that the launch of this product will open a new market and bring us new harvest.


Another new product released at the conference is a 360 degree omnidirectional sound acquisition, 6 + 1 ring far-field microphone array. The microphone adopts the new generation of intelligent array pickup technology. In the AV conference environment, it can effectively expand the pickup range and improve the pickup quality. Its elegant appearance and small size can be easily arranged in any type of conference room, providing a variety of pickup coverage.


During the meeting, we also carried out a series of activities such as the 2018 S-TRACK dealer policy release, product training, technical scheme explanation, on-site experience in the experience hall, so that you can have a deeper understanding of Sofitel and our products, and arranged a rich dinner party for you to welcome you.


After the dinner, the company also carefully prepared a new BBQ for dealers and friends from afar, and invited singers, guitarists and other performing guests to help. The speaker used in BBQ performance is the new product ssm2110 mobile speaker launched by our company. The speaker supports mono, stereo, two sets of products cascade multiple playback modes. No matter the fresh rhythm like mountains and flowing water, or the surging DJ dance music, it can be displayed incisively and vividly. The sound is mellow and full, achieving the professional effect of "extraordinary".



In this long-awaited beautiful night, we have witnessed the convenience and diversity of ssm2110 mobile speaker anytime, anywhere, singing when you want, and also demonstrated the beautiful vision of "hand in hand to create the future" with our dealers' friends.