S-TRACK Helps 2018 Baobo Expo To Decipher The New Generation Of Network Intelligent Audio Solutions——S-Track
S-TRACK Helps 2018 Baobo Expo To Decipher The New Generation Of Network Intelligent Audio Solutions

The 2018 Baoan Industrial Development Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Baoan Expo") sponsored by the people's Government of Baoan District and jointly organized by Baoan District Economic Promotion Bureau and Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association will be held in hall 1 and Hall 6 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center yesterday. Baoan Expo is the general exhibition and the highest event of Baoan industrial development, focusing on "Baoan intelligent manufacturing" and high-quality enterprises with scientific and technological innovation achievements And strive to build a highland of smart creation.


The enterprises participating in this Expo cover manufacturing, trade circulation, e-commerce, logistics and supply chain and other key industries. Compared with previous exhibitions, this exhibition is the leader in various industries, and the industry characteristics of exhibitors are more distinct. For example, in the field of electronic information, there are successful examples such as Emmett, Pengding holding, sannuo group, etc.; in the field of intelligent manufacturing, there are leading advantages such as Jintuo, Chuangshi, Xinghe, etc.; in the field of new materials and new energy, there are strong strengths such as xinwanda, Guangtian Fangte, etc.; in the field of aerospace industry, there are leading positions such as Huaxun Fangzhou, Asia Pacific satellite, etc.; in the field of marine industry, there are Yunzhou innovation and other enterprises with extraordinary influence.


As a national high-tech enterprise, sonfit has been leading the audio industry with professional network audio solutions and has been invited to participate in the Expo for three consecutive times. Every exhibition, Sofitel is bound to be refreshing, of course, this exhibition is no exception. In 2018, new products such as dcore series network audio server, full set of aoip network audio solutions, am series smart array microphone, etc. were unveiled to decrypt the new generation of network intelligent audio solutions.


Audio Internet, smart lead future, S-TRACK has been ready to go, let's join hands to listen to the charm of sound!