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[Exhibition Review] Many New Products Of S-TRACK Appear In Infocomm Chengdu

Infocomm China exhibition is a business exhibition platform of professional audio-visual and interactive experience communication technology. As a professional domestic provider of smart audio and video system solutions, S-TRACK will participate in Infocomm exhibitions at home and abroad every year to present the latest, the most intelligent and professional audio system solutions for the vast audience and customers.


This year, the most special place of S-TRACK Chengdu IFC is to launch four exhibition areas. In the exhibition area, the audience can more intuitively understand the application of professional audio-visual technology in various actual scenes. These exhibition areas respectively show the solutions of portable sound reinforcement system, Dante network audio solution, intelligent speech recognition conference system and static products. While describing the products , which more reflects the professional level of audio technology research and development of Sofitel, leaving a deep impression on the visitors.


The speech recognition technology of S-TRACK adopts the advanced recognition framework and uses a large number of speech data for modeling, which greatly improves the speech recognition rate and transcribing speed of the system. The system adopts the international leading voice language integrated modeling method, combined with Chinese Semantic Intelligent error correction, and the recognition accuracy of Chinese Mandarin is more than 95%.

The smart speech recognition conference system of S-TRACK can meet the multiple requirements of conference equipment, which is higher, more tonal, more fun, more intelligent and more efficient.


Dante network conference audio solution, make full use of the advantages of network audio transmission, make the system installation lighter, sound transmission more stable, while obtaining lower delay, ensure clear and lossless sound quality, and provide users with better conference experience.



Sm2110 mobile speaker integrates the common functions of iPad wireless digital tuning, Bluetooth music playing, switchable microphone instrument input mode, reverberation effect, etc. it uses the original imported high-quality unit, with exquisite and rich timbre, beautiful treble, accurate midrange and stable bass.

The portable and compact volume makes the use more flexible, and the IPAD Wireless tuning gives the musicians more free on-site voice control. The highly integrated full-function design makes the sm2110 mobile speaker suitable for various sound reinforcement needs, such as small and medium-sized performances, band rehearsals, assembly speeches, classroom auditoriums, conference training, fitness center, hotels, exhibition centers, etc.


Every communication between team members and visitors is a beautiful encounter. Every voice of customers is worth our attentive listening and thinking, and it is our service tenet and product goal to provide better service quality and stable and easy-to-use products for every customer in the future.