S-TRACK: Using Professional Audio And Video To Help The Development Of Intelligent Education——S-Track
S-TRACK: Using Professional Audio And Video To Help The Development Of Intelligent Education

On October 12, 2019, the 77th China Education Equipment Exhibition opened in Qingdao World Expo City International Exhibition Center. In recent years, with the advancement of educational informatization 2.0, audio and video are developing synchronously in teaching informatization. With the latest interactive teaching audio and video solutions, high-quality recording and broadcasting system, normal recording and broadcasting system, mobile recording and broadcasting system, campus network broadcasting system, intelligent voice recognition conference system, and more new products presented at the exhibition.


In order to better show the sound reinforcement characteristics of the S-TRACK products, the exhibition adopts semi closed design in the sound Feite booth. According to the different application fields and properties of the products, the exhibition is carried out in a dynamic way, which brings the most intuitive product experience to the users.

Interactive experience area of double teacher class

In this exhibition, S-TRACK launched the interactive classroom experience area of double division, which mainly displays the intelligent teaching sound reinforcement and excellent recording and broadcasting system. After the application of array microphone remote pickup and special feedback algorithm of audio processor, the sound is transmitted through the voice column control coverage, and then matched with the camera head and recording and broadcasting host, the remote audio and video interactive teaching can be seamlessly connected. The system operation is simple, and the real To liberate teachers' hands and feet, let teachers only focus on teaching content, make classroom interaction more active and better effect.



The S-TRACK interactive recording and broadcasting sound reinforcement system integrates the microphone sound reinforcement system and the recording and broadcasting system. A microphone + two sound columns + an audio processor can realize the perfect teaching sound reinforcement system. Advantages of the system: let the teacher get rid of the hand-held microphone or wearing the microphone to better play the charm of body language; in addition, the array microphone has its own automatic gain, which can automatically adjust the volume of the microphone to avoid the sound flickering; at the same time, the teaching sound reinforcement processor has its own three algorithm feedback, noise and echo elimination, which can quickly and accurately affect the environment without affecting the sound quality Noise is eliminated.

According to the needs of the classroom, the audio-visual 4K ultra clear teaching recording and broadcasting system can realize normal recording and broadcasting or high-quality recording and broadcasting by selecting the corresponding HD camera. The system has the characteristics of one key recording and broadcasting, automatic tracking, interactive integration, and the advantages of high integration, simple installation and deployment. In addition, it also supports 4K picture quality recording, camera tracking and automatic picture switching, which can achieve ultra-low delay real-time video transmission.

Experience area of intelligent speech recognition conference system

This product, together with other products of Sofitel, organizes a set of intelligent speech recognition conference system, which can automatically recognize the speaker's speech content, automatically recognize and convert it into text, form meeting minutes and automatically save them, overturn the traditional mode of artificial meeting records, and make the meeting more efficient.

· The speech recognition technology of Sofitel adopts the advanced recognition framework and uses a large number of speech data for modeling, which greatly improves the speech recognition rate and transcribing speed of the system.

· The system adopts the international leading voice language integrated modeling method, combined with Chinese Semantic Intelligent error correction, and the recognition accuracy of Chinese Mandarin is more than 95%.


Campus webcast experience area

The network broadcast sound reinforcement solution makes full use of the advantages of network audio transmission to make the system installation lighter and sound transmission more stable. While obtaining lower delay, it ensures the sound quality clear and lossless, and provides users with better sound reinforcement experience.


Music practice area

SSM2110 is a kind of movable active speaker developed for the comprehensive entertainment and performance needs of S-TRACK. It has 4-channel multi-functional audio input, supporting microphone, line and musical instrument, and 2-channel stereo line audio input; with phantom power supply, supporting various microphone access, supporting high impedance CD player and musical instrument access; with built-in high-quality DSP processor for acoustic processing, the sound can achieve professional performance effect; with the use of tuning panel, it can quickly call out the desired sound effect .


At present, the products and systems of S-TRACK are mainly for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, training institutions, enterprises and institutions, etc., providing them with clear, stable, simple, environmental friendly and safe audio and video systems and products.

As a pioneer in the field of smart education audio and video system, Sofitel has been providing professional smart audio and video system solutions for the education industry, helping China's information education upgrade in an all-round way.