Audio Visual Analog To Digital Audio Signal Conversion Interface Product [all]

S-TRACK has been focusing on the audio field for many years. With the development and accumulation of many years, our products are active in many fields, such as conference, education, finance, medical communication, justice, etc.; we not only have supporting solutions, but also a full range of products supporting solutions. Today, Xiaobian brings you to understand what are the audio conversion interface products of S-TRACK?

Dante Interface box--DACO series


DACO network audio interface box is a product developed for network audio transmission and routing. The built-in Dante module can realize the high-quality and low delay requirements of network audio transmission, support the analog channel of 16 input and 16 output channels at most, provide a concise web page version control and configuration interface to facilitate the transfer and adjustment of analog signals to Dante digital signals, which is the best choice for upgrading and optimization of multi-media system.

Main features:

1、Up to 16 input and 16 output analog channels;

2、Support web page control;

3、Built in Dante module;

4、The built-in RS232 transceiver module can receive and respond to the third-party control commands;

5、Analog input channel supports 48V phantom power supply;

6、1U all aluminum case.

Dante Interface box--DBOX series


DBOX network interface box is a product developed for Dante network audio transmission and routing. It can achieve high quality and low delay requirements of network audio transmission. DSP processing functions include gain adjustment, 5-segment parameter equalization, compressor,; mixer, 31 segment graphic equalization, limiter, setting, etc. It supports 4 channels of analog audio signal balanced input and output, 4 channels of Dante digital audio signal input and 4 channels of Dante digital audio signal output of 2 Dante devices, supports Poe or DC 12V dual power supply modes, and provides PC version control software and PAD client for monitoring and operating processor.

Main features:

1、TI dual-core High speedfloating point DSP;

2、Dante AoIP Audio network;

3、Uncompressed transmissionSupport for ultrahigh sampling;

4、Real-time backupSafety and stability;

5、Global ConfigurationEasy routing.

Wall interface Dpanel series


DPanel Series wall interface machine, which has analog input and Dante digital input, analog line output and Dante digitaloutput, analog input support phantom power supply and manual front gain adjustment.

Main features:

1、Dante network transmission, realizing long-distance network transmission and simple wiring;

2、Support balanced or unbalanced line, MIC input;

3、Input interface XLR, large three core multiplexing;

4、Support 48V phantom power supply; 

5、0~20db enlarge.

A to D interface Ostrich series


Dante analog-to-digital conversion interface is mainly composed of di22 and DO22 products. Di22 supports two analog signal inputs and two analog signal output interfaces. DO22 supports Dante digital signal inputs and two analog signal output interfaces. Power supply is provided by Ethernet (POE) switch or router.

Main features:

1、Compact design, easy to use, supports hot-plug;

2、Easily and freely convert between analog audio signal and DanteTM digital audio signal;

3、Built-in 2 input or 2 output audio channels;

4、Extends audio, control, Ethernet, and power over a single affordable network cable;

5、Replaces multiple analog or multi-core cables with only a network cable, cost-effective, versatile;

6、Extends uncompressed high-quality audio signal with near-zero latency;

7、Transmits high quality 2-channel audio safely and reliably;

8、Perfectly supports Dante software, the network and audio routing can be easily expanded andreconfigured with just a few mouse clicks;

9、PoE support, Line powering function compliant with IEEE802.3af;

10、Built-in lightning & surge protection.