Play The Strongest Voice Of Products And Build The Industry Quality Benchmark!——S-Track
Play The Strongest Voice Of Products And Build The Industry Quality Benchmark!

Recently, the array microphone and digital audio processor of S-TRACK have passed the EMC test certification in strict accordance with relevant regulations and requirements.

Array microphone shall be tested in accordance with gb13837-2012 limits and measurement methods for radio disturbance characteristics of sound and television broadcast receivers and related equipment, gb17625.1:2012 limits for electromagnetic compatibility harmonic current emission (input current of each phase of equipment ≤ 16a), and digital audio processor shall be tested in accordance with GB 4943.1-2011 safety of information technology equipment (Part I: General requirements), GB 8898-2011 safety of audio, video and similar electronic equipment, GB 2423.10-2008 environmental test for electric and electronic products (Part 2: test method test FC: vibration).

The successful test and certification of S-TRACK products this time not only shows the technical strength of S-TRACK at the speed of action deduction and innovation, but also witnesses the determination of S-TRACK to consistently output high-quality audio products to customers and the market based on the fundamental interests of customers.




S-TRACK will not forget its original intention, continue to forge ahead, always adhere to innovative product design and technology, launch more new technology concept products, bring users higher quality experience, and strive to provide more high-quality products and services for the audio and video industry.