S-TRACK Will Attend The Chinese Musical Instrument Manufacturing And Market Information Exchange Meeting——S-Track
S-TRACK Will Attend The Chinese Musical Instrument Manufacturing And Market Information Exchange Meeting

In order to help the general musical instrument manufacturing industry member units understand the status and tendency of the development of instrument market in China, in the enterprise management decision for reference, at the same time to discuss instrument problems such as enterprise management communication, and learn from each other and promote each other, China entertainment technology association on September 16, 2019 Chinese musical instrument manufacturing market trend report and information exchange.


The meeting invited education equipment research and development center music teaching facilities and curriculum reform of standing director, Chinese national orchestra making professional committee chairman, instrument association professional committee of the musical culture, vice President of China, tianjin jin bao instrument company general manager Liu Yunbin, tianjin chamber of commerce, tianjin finches instrument ze-yun wang, the general manager of our company to participate in the sea of tranquility sen, lafayette technology co., LTD. Shenzhen sound as a support unit were invited to attend the event.



S-TRACK was invited to attend the event and spoke about its development, its self-developed mobile speaker and its sound amplification system for teaching.


S-TRACK has a strong research and development team, its digital audio products outstanding performance, perfect design, popular with the public. Among them, the self-developed mobile speaker, as the first integrated product of amplifier, mixer and speaker in China, is exported to music restaurants, bars, conferences and other places in southeast Asia and China because of its portable construction and tuning mode, high-tech appearance and rich application scenes.


The event higher-ups jollification, earnings, and many believe that the future of the audio industry, S-TRACK will to become a world-class, top brands globally competitive whole audio solutions for vision, strengthen independent innovation, focused on audio and video, intelligent, digital and networking platform (four "modern"), and actively build audio and video intelligent ecosystem.