S-TRACK Analog mixer,Hippo A1606——S-Track
S-TRACK Analog mixer,Hippo A1606

The S-TRACK analog mixer Hippo A1606 provides multiple input channels and mixes these signals into stereo and packet output signals. Thanks to the high quality inherent digital effects, the Hippo A1606 delivers a wide range of impact effects directly on its own. It is also equipped with a SEND jack for connection to an external effector. In addition, the Hippo A1606 is equipped with an AUX SEND jack and a single RETURN jack, and the AUX communication bus sends signals to external audio effectors and monitoring systems. With other S-TRACK audio products, it can meet the needs of more scenarios.

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The mixer is mainly used in speeches, lectures, training, presentations, reports, academic exchanges, meetings, discussions, karaoke entertainment activities and other scenes.

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