S-TRACK Digital Speaker Manager Dolphin 48,DSP Digital Speaker Manager——S-Track
S-TRACK Digital Speaker Manager Dolphin 48,DSP Digital Speaker Manager

The Dolphin series speaker manager supports multichannel analog input and output. The Dolphin series and Dolphin D series have built-in high-performance DSP processing chips, with 31 section graphic equalizer, 15 section parameter equalizer, gain control, compressor, delay and other functions.

Digital speaker manager Dolphin 48.jpgDigital speaker manager Dolphin 48.jpg

The product comes with TFT interactive LCD screen and embedded GUI interface for quick adjustment. With stability and linear phase of 512-order custom FIR filter, support input and output channel replication, channel mutual binding, multiple groups of scene save and call functions, panel configuration rotary encoder selection menu switch, easy to operate, with other audio products, to meet the needs of more scenarios.

Digital speaker manager software interface.png

It is mainly used in the scene of sound amplification, theater, discothex, concert hall and other scenes requiring sound box management.

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