S-TRACK Wireless Microphone,NAJA V102——S-Track
S-TRACK Wireless Microphone,NAJA V102

NAJA V102.png

1. Receiver channel number: four channels

2. Chassis Specifications: EIA standard 1U

3. Receiving mode: CPU controlled automatic signal selection receiving

4. Frequency shock mode: PLL phase-locked loop loop

5. Carrier frequency band: UHF 600MHz-690MHz

6. Frequency pairing: one-key infrared frequency setting

7. Modulation mode: FM

8. Pilot frequency: 30K

9. Number of channels: 200

10. Rf sensitivity: < -99dBm

11. Image suppression: > 80dB

12. Band width: 60MHz

13. Frequency stability: ≦±0.005%(-10~60℃)

14. Dynamic range: > 90dB

15. Maximum frequency deviation: ±45KHz

16. Frequency response: 40Hz-18KHz (±3dB) (the frequency of the whole system depends on the microphone unit)

17. Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: > 90dB (A)

18. Comprehensive distortion rate :<0.5%@1KHz

19. Sensitivity: Input 5dBμV, S/N>60dB

20. Audio output: balanced XLR: +5dbV/ non-balanced φ6.3mm: +5dbV

21. Audio output impedance: balanced XLR: 6.6KΩ/ non-balanced φ6.3mm: 440Ω

22 volume output: with volume adjustment for audio control personnel and users to control the volume

23. Mute mode: digital locking loop adaptive control

24. Function display mode: LCD full view display

25. Function display content: channel, frequency, antenna A/B automatic signal selection, RF/AF signal strength, transmitter battery capacity,

Function locking mode

26. Control mode: automatic scanning frequency selection, frequency (up/down), function locking mode, frequency pairing, power switch

27. Output plug mode: 1 non-balanced φ6.3mm connector /4 independent balanced XLR connector (dual channel)

28. Size (mm) : receiver 480mm(width)×45mm(height)×260mm(length), transmitter (desktop conference, handheld, Fanny pack)

29. Power Supply: 100-240V AC50/60Hz, 10W

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