S-TRACK Multimode Conference Host (Feedback + Speech Translation),YH3000ZF——S-Track
S-TRACK Multimode Conference Host (Feedback + Speech Translation),YH3000ZF

S-TRACK speech transfer system can record meeting information efficiently, accurately and quickly, and convey and implement meeting spirit in time.  The network architecture of the system is convenient for centralized management and control of multiple meeting rooms, which is suitable for debate, training, confidential meetings, court judgments and other types of meeting minutes, as well as real-time voice transfer and screen casting occasions.

S-TRACK multi-mode conference host YH3000ZF has the function of "hot swap" when the line is live, ensuring the security and stability of the system. The audio input of the conference unit can be output individually or mixed, and the audio output function can be achieved in partition, which can be used with Sous-fit products to meet the needs.


S-TRACK multi-mode conference host YH3000ZF is suitable for meeting room, administrative center, multi-function hall, interrogation room, court and other scenes.

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