Control Panel P2,P3,and P5——S-Track
Control Panel P2,P3,and P5

P2 is equipped with a 3.5-inch resistive touch screen, built-in CORTEX-M3 core + high-speed FPGA processor, and supports 8-channel mute, volume adjustment, scene switching and other functions, making it clean and simple to assemble. The P3 is equipped with a 2.5-inch resistive touch screen, an internal CORTEX-M3 core and high-speed FPGA processor, and supports 16-channel mute, volume adjustment, and scene switching. It has a clean appearance and easy assembly.

P2 P3 P5.png

P5 built-in core processor: CORTEX-M3 core + high-speed FPGA. It does not need to set the panel on the PC. It supports quick scene control switching, volume control, playback control, and more customized Settings, making it easy to use.

P5 Control Panel.png

The control panel is suitable for meeting room, court, command center, classroom interaction and other occasions.

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