8 in 8 out Digital Audio Processor, SWIFT 88S——S-Track
8 in 8 out Digital Audio Processor, SWIFT 88S

8-in, 8-out digital audio processor SWIFT 88S adopts advanced DSP audio processing technology, built-in automatic mixing table and feedback elimination module, as well as the central control code random generation, automatic power protection memory, one-button reset and many other functions. The simple and easy to understand graphical software control interface provides customers with quick and real-time operation experience. Combined with other audio products, it can meet the requirements of more scenarios and applications.

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The device does not need a CD-ROM, but comes with installation software and B/S architecture server. Accessed through a web browser, the device not only realizes channel control and scenario selection, but also provides download links for PC clients and platform components to solve the trouble caused by the loss of installation CD-ROM and the confusion of multiple software versions.

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Swift control system, bring users more intuitive operating experience and more intelligent audio processing experience, the client support Windows, Android system, support browser side control mode, fully compatible with IE, CHROME, FIREFOX.

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Suitable for meeting rooms, pavilions, small activities, classrooms and other occasions.

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