S-TRACK TIGER 16-in and 16-out Digital Audio Processor——S-Track
S-TRACK TIGER 16-in and 16-out Digital Audio Processor

S-TRACK TIGER 16-input 16-output digital audio processor is an audio processing and control system that can be freely designed. 16-input 16-output digital audio processor adopts advanced DSP processing technology and has new algorithms of auto-mixing and feedback cancellation to solve the problems of mixing and feedback in application scenarios. Since most of the controls are operated by software, the appearance is more simple and beautiful. The operator only needs to click the mouse, which greatly simplifies the operation difficulty. With other audio products, it can meet the needs of more scenarios.

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TIGER 16-in and 16-out digital audio processor adopts an all-aluminum chassis, equipped with Ti dual-core high-speed floating point CPU, and with TIGER PLUS system, the processing capacity of Ti chip is greatly improved. It supports audio signal processing with maximum 16 analog inputs and outputs, supports scene presets, and has automatic power failure protection memory function.

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The PC version of our control software is the best tool for you to monitor and operate the audio processor, and can be used to edit and store the scenes for different functions of acoustic characteristics required. The system has a built-in lock screen function to effectively avoid misuse.

The audio processor comes with a B/S architecture server, accessible through a web browser, which not only enables channel control and scene selection, but also provides a direct link to download the PC client and platform components.

Installed on the tablet and cell phone APP client, steady and simple design style, panoramic function menu, with quick operation bar, you can very convenient for the processor to carry out various operations. Everything is only to give you a better user experience.


TIGER 16-in and 16-out digital audio processors are suitable for local sound reinforcement in conference room, interactive teaching recording, court remote trial, video conference and other scenarios.