S-TRACK Wireless Microphone,NAJA V101——S-Track
S-TRACK Wireless Microphone,NAJA V101

1. Frequency range :600MHz-690MHz

2. frequency stability :±0.005%

3. dynamic range :100dB(A)

4. comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio :≥103dB

5. comprehensive frequency response range :65Hz-18KHz(3dB)

6. comprehensive distortion degree :≤0.5%

7. Maximum frequency deviation: ±45KHz

8. Comprehensive distortion rate :<0.5%@1KHz

9. Number of channels :200 channels

10. Channel spacing :300KHz

11. Band width 60MHz

12. use distance: about 60 meters (in the absence of interference)

13. Receiving sensitivity :5dbμV,S/N >60db at25deviation

14. Receiving antenna interface :BNC(509)

15. receive audio output: balanced output and mixed output

16. receiver power supply :9V500mA(Max. 6W)

17. transmission modulation mode :FM frequency modulation (maximum ±75KHz)

18. oscillation mode: PLL phase locking frequency synthesis

19. transmission power: high power 20mW, low power 10mW

20. emission harmonic suppression :60dB

21. Transmitting antenna: built-in or external 14-wavelength antenna

22. Transmitter power supply :2 1.5V(AA) batteries (refill time: 8 hours)

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Wireless microphone NAJA V101 is suitable for local sound amplification in meeting rooms, classroom interaction, court hearings, video conferences and other scenarios.

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