IP Dante Power Amplifier


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  • IP Dante Power Amplifier




1、Standard with a 10/100M RJ45 network switch interface, support LAN and WAN;

2、The equipment adopts industrial grade dual-core processing chip (ARM+DSP), and the startup time is less than 1S.

3、Built-in network IP decoding module can broadcast network music and call function in real time;The network delay time of collecting

playback and call power is less than 30mS.

4、2 microphone input, 2 line input, 1 auxiliary output, each is equipped with independent volume adjustment;

5、This terminal is equipped with level 3 priority function, and MIC1 is set as the highest priority.Network is level 2 excellent, MIC2,

AUX1, AUX2 are level 3 priority;

6、With one short circuit input, two short circuit output interface, easy for users to expand;

7、With a DC24V power supply standby interface, for users to choose and expand;

8、The terminal supports passive call termination, enabling both parties to talk with each other, and the call delay time is less than


9、With a one-way vod function, through the server software, the terminal free vod server program;

10、Way with all the power amplifier, the output is 100 v, 70 v, 4 ~ 16 Ω, output power for 60 w / 120 w / 240 w / 360 w / 500 w / 650 

w / 800 w / 1000 w power supply to the user to select different;

11、The control power supply of the power amplifier adopts energy-saving and environmental protection mode design, which can be

opened and closed manually or automatically.

12、It is equipped with power indicator, power amplifier protection indicator, power amplifier working signal and peak elimination

indicator, so that the working state of power amplifier is clear at a glance;

13、Advanced and efficient power amplifier circuit, full power output, and equipped with overload, overtemperature and other


14、2U standard case design, aluminum alloy panel, beautiful and practical;

15、The device can support local area network and wide area network remote upgrade, easy to effectively serve customers.