The web page cannot be opened or the software cannot be downloaded

First, check whether the device and PC are connected successfully. Second, check whether the device and PC are in the same network segment, but please do not set it to the same IP address as the device.In addition, the browser cache may also cause the page to be unable to display. Just clean up the cache.

The Quality Of The Output Is Not Good. Sometimes There Is A Rustle. What Is The Situation?

1) the output sound quality is closely related to the input level and output level. Normally, the input level is less than -20db and the output level is less than -15db. At this point, adjusting other parameters will have a better effect.

2) Check whether the configuration of other parameters, such as EQ parameters and frequency divider are reasonable.

3) The signal generator will produce some noise, check whether it is turned off.

4) The noise door can filter the white noise when there is no human voice, open the noise door and then detect the sound quality.

5) The echo will be generated when the mic is input, which can improve the sound quality by turning on feedback elimination.

Without CD,How To Install?

Our DSP processor do not provide the installation CD, the software installation package has been integrated into the processor, you can access the IP address of the processor through the web browser (default address: to download the installation package.

What Configuration Is Required To Use The System For The First Time?

1)Read the instructions carefully and pay special attention to safety.

2) Connect PC end, device, audio input and output device according to the instructions of the back panel. Firstly, PC end and device can be connected via LAN network (otherwise, please pay attention to the location of the interface); Next, connect the signal input device (microphone, line input device, etc.), The signal input interface and the signal output interface are located on the right side of the back panel.

3)Plug in the power and test the device: select the device list in the local device from the menu of the system, double-click the IP address corresponding to the device in the list, and then enter the user name and password in the pop-up dialog box to complete the login.

4)If the login is successful, you can manipulate all other functions