What About Forgetting The Login Password?

There is a small hole beside the mesh, marked with R, which is the reset key. Long press for more than 5 seconds is effective. After reset, the device will return to the exit setting, and the password will return to the default password.

How To Mix?

The horizontal is the output and the vertical is the input.

How To Connect RS485?

RS485 corresponding interface on the back panel of the processor is -, +; Connect the corresponding interface of central control host or control terminal respectively.

How To Connect RS232?

RS232 corresponding interface on the back panel of the processor: G, Rx, TX; respectively indicating: grounding, receiving command, sending command.

What Is The IP Address Of The Device?

The default IP address of the device is, so when setting the network segment, you can set the 192.168.1.xxx network segment.

How Do I Configure Scenario Management?

The scene Settings of the main control device and PC terminal are eight scenes, including scene 1, scene 2, scene 3 and..., scene 8;

In the scene setting of device Settings, you can perform the following actions for the scene:

Load scene: load the selected scene in the list into the currently connected device;

Save as: save the changes made in the current software to the local computer;Save scenario: save the changes made in the current software to the selected item in the list;

Upload scene: upload the scene file from the local computer to the processor and load it as the current scene;

Modify the name: edit the name in the scene list;

Restore default scenario: restore configuration parameters to scenario 1.

Output No Sound?

1)Check whether the input-output interface is connected correctly. The upper row of the back panel is the input, and the lower row is the output. Every three pins from left to right represent a channel.

2)Check whether the channel corresponding to the mixer is open.

3)Check whether there is sound in the input source, and use line input test.

4)Check the parameters of the front voltage limit and the back voltage limit. If the level or ratio is too high or the gain is too small, the sound will be small or even inaudible.

5)Check the mute parameters and corresponding level values of the input and output channels.

6)Check whether the frequency parameter setting of the frequency divider is correct. In this version, it is band-pass, and in the band-stop state, all sounds in the frequency band will be shielded.

Can't Find Or Connect Devices?

First, we should check whether there is a problem with our network cable (ordinary network cable), and then check whether the device and PC are in the same network segment. The initial IP of our device is, so we first consider setting the network segment of 192.168.1.*, but please do not set it to the same IP address of the device.After setting up again open PC operating software for device search and connection can be.

The New Software Connects To Earlier Versions Of The Processor. What If You Find An Error Or Incompatibility?

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