2 Channel Amplifier

The A2 series of amplifiers are power amplifiers for acoustic vibration applications with two in two out independent dual channel modes


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  • 2 Channel Amplifier
  • 2 Channel Amplifier


The A2 series of amplifiers are power amplifiers for acoustic vibration applications with two in two out independent dual channel modes, each channel contains the power amplifier. The outstanding characteristics of the A2 series are the balance of input and output and the performance of high power/quality/trust/stability. The built-in protection circuit can automatically protect against overload, short circuit and overheating. In this case, the signal will be cut off and automatically restored. 


· Super-large switching power amplifier; 

· Automatic limiting output, short circuit, overload, over temperature, startup delay and other protection functions; 

· The amplifier is equipped with a delayed start system to protect the speaker box from damage due to impact; 

· The back plate is equipped with double channel and single channel output conversion; 

· Balance input interface; 

· SPEAKON output connector; 

· 483MM standard frame structure; 

· The power amplifier part of the switching power supply part has a separate cooling system; 

· The cooling fan is controlled by advanced infinitely variable speed circuit; 

· 1U design, light body, easy to carry and install; 


· 2 channel power amplifier, which can be used in meeting rooms, multi-function hall and entertainment places of the hotel, matched with imported speakers and imported unit speakers, easy to listen and sing; 

· Small volume, lightweight, supporting 1U cabinet, beautiful and convenient installation; 

· linear stabilized voltage shape power supply, ultra-high efficiency, high stability, single power supply per channel, super output current; 

· High-efficiency digital power amplifier circuit, with higher efficiency, wider frequency response, smaller distortion and finer sound; 

· Super power-saving. In the same environment with the same power within a day, the dissipated power is 1/3 of the power amplifier of flexible AB type transformer; 

· Internal application of components with high durability; all core components are imported from the United States and Europe with guaranteed performance; 

· International procurement of raw materials, industrial automation and environmental protection production, production process consistency and quality reliability;


A2 Series

Model No. A2350A2650A2850
Output (8Ω 、1kHz)2x350W 2x650W 2x850W 
Output (4Ω 、1kHz)2x550W 2x1050W 2x1400W 
Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz ±3dB20Hz~20kHz ±3dB20Hz~20kHz ±3dB
Total Distortion  <1%(8Ω、350W) <1%(8Ω、650W) <1%(8Ω、850W) 
Input Sensitivity +4dB * (1.23V)
Input Impedance10kΩ(Balanced)
SNR(Signal to NoiseRatio)≥80dB
ConnectorOutput(CH1-4):XLR:Input connector; Output(CH1-4):SPEAKONOutput terminal; Power supply: AC power supply 

AH Series

Model No. AH2400 AH2700 AH2900 
Output (8Ω 、1kHz)2x400W 2x700W 2x900W 
Output (4Ω 、1kHz)600W900W1200W
Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz ±3dB
Input Sensitivity 0.775V
Input Impedance20kΩ(Balanced)
SNR(Signal to NoiseRatio)100dB
Supply Voltage AC220/50Hz
Size483 x 89 x 270 (mm)
Net Weight 6kg